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Here's my story


I am a multidimensional marketer with 10+ years in the sports industry, focusing for the last seven on social media and digital marketing strategy. My most recent experience came as Sr. Director of Social Media for Major League Soccer.


I came to MLS by way of the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Penguins. My passion is creating powerful campaigns that address the needs of our organization, partners, and most importantly our fans. My goal is to use data collected from digital (and other) channels to create meaningful, customized, and intelligent marketing solutions.


Of course there is more to me than my work. I love cooking (anything made from flour is my specialty). I love going out on the water (kayaks to cruise ships…and any kind of boat in between between). I love going out on frozen water—I figure skated competitively through my senior year at Boston College, qualifying for seven national championships. Now-a-days I play hockey and occasionally curl. I lack any ability in any off-ice sport, but that doesn’t stop me from trying--cornhole, aerial silks...I've even "run" two marathons (at 6+ hours each, one has to wonder how much running actually happened). I enjoy spontaneous trips (I’ve been to two Olympics with less than 96 hours notice) and being around high-quality, interesting people.


And of course, being a digital junkie…I appreciate the opportunity to connect. If you’re one of those high-quality, interesting people I spoke about, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to chatting.

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